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Laurence Milburn
0117 9249455

Mindfulness Based Counselling and Psychotherapy. 

Counselling and Psychotherapy.
People come to therapy for many reasons. It is often found that present problems stem from situations and difficult relationships experienced in formative years. Exploring our problems with a trusted, skilled person who listens with empathy and warmth can in itself be a great help.
As we do this the interface between past and present experiences can be held and discovered . This is not always an easy process because painful memories and feelings may arise. However the  with the right support this process can result in understanding, acceptance and healing of past wounding enabling new choices to emerge.

Mindfulness is the innate ability to observe and turn towards our experiences (thoughts, emotions and sensations) with a friendly non-judgemental attitude. Although it forms the cornerstone of Buddhist practice, in recent years mindfulness has become increasingly used in secular settings. Research has demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach in helping with a range of psychological problems.

Why mindfulness and therapy work well together?
In counselling we spend much time looking to find ways of coming to terms with, and changing how we are in the world. Mindfulness brings in a different dimension where the focus is not on the story or change but exploring the present experience with curiosity and friendliness. When we encounter difficult thought patterns, reactive emotions or activated body sensations, mindfulness can help us explore our conditioned reactions by staying present and observing. Mindful awareness gives us the spaciousness to step off the train of our reactive cycles, breaking the hold of our defensive conditioning.
The ability of the therapist to be mindfully present helps provide a sense of trust and stabitity which may have been absent in the past, so opening up a space for awareness, acceptance and healing.

Thinking about thinking about seeing me?

I offer an initial 40 minutes session that gives you the opportunity to find out more so you can decide if working with me right for you and me let you know in what way I can help you. From this we can make an informed choice about working together. I charge £30.00 for this initial session.

Cost: I charge £50.00 for one hour sessions, which are usually weekly. Some concessions available by negotiation.
Contact:  Tel: 0117 9249455/ 07789063781 E-mail: