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Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy is an effective and practical way to treat trauma. When we think about a traumatic experience our physical and emotional reactions can become overwhelming so making it difficult, for therapies which solely rely on talking, to treat. Trauma affects not just our thinking and emotions but also our bodies. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy starts with the body. It does not use touch but draws on mindfulness techniques that help develop stability and promote processes to resolve and integrate traumatic experiences.
We can stabilise our automatic emotional and physical reactions to traumatic memory by learning to notice and observe body sensations without becoming overwhelmed. These sensations can then be used to understand what movements the body needs to do in order to integrate memories that may have been frozen inside. Through this process we can become freer of the hold our traumatic past this then enables us to do the work to change any negative limiting thoughts and beliefs, about ourselves and the world, that may have built up over time.
In this way Sensorimotor Psychotherapy serves to resolve and integrate trauma such that our sense of well-being is increased.